24 cm plate with a line of ibexes

A 24 cm plate with a line of ibexes (or a single ibex).  Perfect for a main course or to serve a dish to the center of the table at any event or family dinner: fruit, sliced cake, hot chestnuts from the fireplace in the winter or cold watermelon in the summer.

The plate is handmade with a print of a line of ibexes (or one ibex).  The ibex plate is an authentic Israeli gift if you are travelling abroad and looking for a gift for your hosts, a romantic gift for Valentine’s Day with a male ibex on one and a female ibex on the other, or as a nice holiday gift.

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High Temp Ceramics, Print. Transparent glaze

Food safe, Dishwasher safe, Microwave safe




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24 cm plate with a line of ibexes