Blue & White Menorah

Handmade ceramic menorah with hand-painted cobalt blue decorations

A modernly designed ceramic menorah made of separate units – a unique opportunity for a fun game for the whole family on a winter night.

The menorah’s branches can be moved around, and either candles or oil cups may be used for lighting, or alternately the candles can be placed inside the glass cups.

The included wooden tray is useful for storing or showcasing the menorah’s building blocks.

Since the menorah is handmade, there may be slight variations in size and color. Its size for storage (without the tray) is about 4.3×4.3 inch, including the tall shamash stand.

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White clay


12.8 inch


1.4 inch


5.5 cm


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חנוכיה כחול לבן בעבודת יד בעיטור כחול קובלט- Blue & White Ceramic Menorah from the Negev clay
Blue & White Menorah