Hi, I’m Dafna, the owner of negevclay studio, where I design and create handmade ceramics.

It all began with a white clay plate and a Nubian ibex…

In 2005 I moved to the wondrous Negev desert. Almost 20 years before, I had studied industrial design at Hadassah College and Ceramic Design at Bezalel  Academy of Art and Design. The encounter between the desert, my professional knowledge, and my love of art, design and aesthetics gave birth to a little clay plate with the print of an ibex, which later became the logo of Dvarim Bamidbar.

“I remember the devotion of your youth, your love as a bride – how you followed Me in the wilderness, in a land not sown.”  Jeremiah 2:2

My Collections: A Piece of the Israeli Desert

The ceramics and pieces of Judaica of Devarim Bamidbar can be used to serve your guests, to beautify your home, and to celebrate holidays, or for everyday meals. My works incorporate themes from nature and the animals of the desert; in both design and production they emphasize the use of local materials, Israeli culture, and Jewish values, expressed in the choice of materials and the sensations created by each piece.

Each collection is composed of a series of pieces.

While it may seem that each series is made up of uniform pieces, in fact each and every plate, cup, or Hanukkah menorah is unique. The fact that every piece is one of a kind derives from the hand-made nature of my work and gives each series its unique nature.

The ceramics made in my studio make wonderful gifts for the holidays or souvenirs of Israel, and are authentic Jewish gifts straight from the desert. You might also just want to spoil yourself and buy a few for your own daily use.

All the pieces can be custom made: Is there a quote you would like me to write on one of the plates? Would you like a different image? Be in touch and we will think together how to make the piece match your vision.

I only know how to tell about myself.

My name is Dafna Mirzayof (Dorfatzon), and I am a mother to five wonderful children. I founded my studio out of love for design the feeling of clay, which moved me to create my own pieces, from original concept to the final touch, all in my own studio. I connect to the simplicity of things, expressed in a minimalist language and a clean aesthetic that I have lived and breathed since my childhood.

The choice of a pair of ibexes was not coincidental. The ibex is a symbol of desert life, mentioned in our ancient sources, which, unknown to many, is in danger of extinction and has survived only in Israel. The use of the ibex in my design expresses the beauty of the Land of Israel and the desert that I love.

I invite you to visit and shop in the store; I am here for every question.






Photo by Miri Moshe